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Soft191 Uninstaller 1.0

A free and useful system tool to uninstall any software from your computer
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Jonathan Clark

Soft191 Uninstaller is a free and useful system tool to help you uninstall any software in your computer. You can also use this neat piece of software to remove entries in your Start menu, and to delete any folder and file left behind by the application’s uninstall utility.
Soft191 Uninstaller opens in an easy-to-use and well-structured interface that shows you every program and tool currently installed on your computer. It provides you with information about the version, the installation date, the uninstall command and its location, the install path, and the registry key associated with it. You can sort all the entries alphabetically by any of the fields provided, and search for a specific application using partial entries.
The program allows you to edit the uninstall command to specify a new path for the corresponding executable file.
You can easily eliminate absolute registry entries from your computer, left behind by careless uninstalled programs. Knowing that this is a very sensitive operation, the program allows you to undo the last registry deletion.

Francisco Martínez
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